Mini-Conference 1 - Process understanding: from local measurements to catchment integration

Dates: 1st - 2nd March 2016
Location: Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala, Sweden
Local organisers: Gesa Weyhenmeyer

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------   MC1 photos: field trip to Erken Laboratory

Summary of the Mini-Conference:

The first Mini-Conference (MC1) of the C-CASCADES network took place 1–2 March 2016 at Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC) at Uppsala University, in Uppsala, Sweden. Focusing on Work Package 1, it revolved around process understanding of the carbon dynamics and transport in inland waters, streams and estuaries. The mini-conference comprised a mixture of practial exercises, talks, discussions, and ended with a field excursion to Erken Laboratories field station outside of Uppsala. 

The practical exercises, coordinated by session leader Dr. Gesa Weyhenmeyer, comprised analysis and discussions on in advance prepared conceptual models, an afternoon with computer exercises and analysis of a carbon dataset from boreal freshwaters where the main drivers of the carbon cycling were addressed, along with coursework comprising critical evaluations of published work to be handed in after the mini conference. 

The talks given by Dr. Timothy Quine, Dr. Lars Tranvik, Dr. Tom Battin, Dr. Josette Garnier, Dr. Gesa Weyhenmeyer, Dr. David Bastviken and Dr. Goulven Laurelle put processes of the carbon dynamics within the diverse environments of the land–ocean aquatic continuum into context of the global carbon cycle. The theme throughout this first mini conference focused on the role of the dynamic freshwater pipeline model and its capacity to act as a source, sink and transport conduit depending on the environmental conditions along with landscape properties and the yet to be discovered unknown factors, in both natural and perturbed systems. Among the main important points of the discussion was the emphasis on the value of having the critical eye in research and how to deal with data quality to assure high standards in the conducted science. 

The Mini-Conference ended with a field excursion on the second day, a drive to Erken Laboratories outside of Uppsala. The participants were given insights into the long-term monitoring program and experiments conducted at Erken, including information about the related field station network in Sweden, global lake ecological observatory network (GLEON) and other studies, by presenter Dr. Silke Langenheder (UU). The presentation was also accompanied by a comprehensible walk-through of the Eddy covariance flux tower system on an island in the lake by William Colom and Nina Svensson (UU). Despite the scheduled boat trip being exchanged for a walk on the thick-enough lake ice, the organised sauna and dinner wrapped up the mini conference well. 

MC1 was the first Mini-Conference of the C-CASCADES project and its outcome resulted in many productive and creative discussions, plenty of which are to be continued in future meetings.

written by Jo Snöälv

List of the participants:

1. Anna Canning (ESR1 - C-CASCADES) - KM Contros
2. Åsa Horgby (ESR2 - C-CASCADES) - EPFL
3. Jo Snöälv (ESR3 - C-CASCADES) - UNEXE
4. Anna Nydahl (ESR4 - C-CASCADES) - UU
5. Audrey Marescaux (ESR5 - C-CASCADES) - CNRS-IPSL
6. Marie-Sophie Maier (ESR6 - C-CASCADES) - ETHZ
7. Andreas Androulakakis (ESR7 - C-CASCADES) - Deltares
9. Jens Terhaar (ESR9 - C-CASCADES) - CNRS-IPSL
10. Matteo Puglini (ESR10 - C-CASCADES) - MPG
11. Adam Hastie (ESR11 - C-CASCADES) - ULB
12. Philip Pika (ESR12 - C-CASCADES) - UNIVBRIS
13. Andre Nakhvali (ESR13 - C-CASCADES) - UNEXE
14. Simon Bowring (ESR14 - C-CASCADES) - CNRS-IPSL
15. Fabrice Lacroix (ESR15 - C-CASCADES) - MPG
16. Karolina Einarsdottir - UU
17. Dr. Miriam Glendell - UNEXE

List of lecturers:

- Dr. Timothy Quine (UNEXE): Evidence for perturbed SOC-dynamics in erosional, colluvial and floodplain settings
- Dr. Lars Tranvik (UU): Carbon cycling in lakes
- Dr. Tom Battin (EPFL): Carbon cycling in alpine streams
- Dr. Josette Garnier (CNRS-IPSL):  Carbon budget in the Seine River: observations and modeling
- Dr. Gesa Weyhenmeyer (UU): Assessment of temporal changes in the carbon cycling in running waters and lakes with inland water inventory data
- Dr. David Bastviken (University of Linköping): Greenhouse gas cycling in inland waters
- Dr. Goulven Laruelle (ULB): Carbon cycling in estuaries