Mini-Conference 2 - From land to the ocean: processes and budgets

Dates: 24th-26th January 2017 
Location: ETH Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland
Local organiser: Nicolas Gruber


MC2 group photo

Summary of the Mini-Conference:

From the 24th to the 26th of January 2017 the second Mini-Conference of C-CASCADES “From land to the ocean: Processes and budgets” was held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. The conference was attended by all 15 C-CASCADES Early Stage Researchers (ESR) as well as by several external participants. The conference was opened by Prof. Nicolas Gruber, who introduced the agenda as well as all the plenary speakers. The plenary speakers came from Europe and from North America to share their knowledge with the conference attendees. The first lecture on cascading carbon in the Arctic was given by Jorien Vonk from VU Amsterdam (The Netherlands), followed by the talk by Tim Eglinton (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) on chemical signatures of the land-ocean continuum. It continued with a speech by Philippe Van Cappellen from the University of Waterloo (Canada) on pools and cascades processes in dams and ponds, while Christiane Zarfl (Universität Tübingen, Germany) talked about “Stop and Go: Flushing and Floating organic carbon”. Thomas Bianchi from the University of Florida (USA) gave a talk on cascading carbon in the Mississippi, while Gwenaël Abril from the University of Bordeaux (France) presented cascading carbon in the Amazon. Talks were followed by discussions, which further deepened the understanding of the topic. Numerous C-CASCADES senior scientists attended the talks, as well as many external researchers from ETH Zurich and many other European universities. The first day ended with a focus on the research subjects of the attending students. It was kicked off by a series of Pecha Kucha talks given by several adventurous ESRs and external students, who tried this fast-paced presentation format. These innovative talks were well received and were able to convey the state of students’ research in an appropriate way. The Pecha Kucha talks were followed by a poster session.

The second day offered an opportunity to discuss carbon transport and transformation processes and associated reactions along the land-to-ocean aquatic continuum (LOAC). Students formed groups with the attending experts and discussed these topics in four breakout sessions, each with a specific focus area of the LOAC: upstream vs. downstream and high latitudes vs. low latitudes.

The last morning of the conference started with students' synthesis talks on the main findings and results from the previous day, followed up by a synthesis by Prof. Nicolas Gruber and a discussion on short and long term challenges in carbon processes and budgets along the LOAC. 

written by Philip Pika

List of the participants:

1. Anna Canning (ESR1 - C-CASCADES) - KM Contros
2. Åsa Horgby (ESR2 - C-CASCADES) - EPFL
3. Jo Snöälv (ESR3 - C-CASCADES) - UNEXE
4. Anna Nydahl (ESR4 - C-CASCADES) - UU
5. Audrey Marescaux (ESR5 - C-CASCADES) - CNRS-IPSL
6. Marie-Sophie Maier (ESR6 - C-CASCADES) - ETHZ
7. Andreas Androulakakis (ESR7 - C-CASCADES) - Deltares
8. Domitille Louchard (ESR8 - ETHZ) - ETHZ
9. Jens Terhaar (ESR9 - C-CASCADES) - CNRS-IPSL
10. Matteo Puglini (ESR10 - C-CASCADES) - MPG
11. Adam Hastie (ESR11 - C-CASCADES) - ULB
12. Philip Pika (ESR12 - C-CASCADES) - UNIVBRIS
13. Andre Nakhvali (ESR13 - C-CASCADES) - UNEXE
14. Simon Bowring (ESR14 - C-CASCADES) - CNRS-IPSL
15. Fabrice Lacroix (ESR15 - C-CASCADES) - MPG
16. Alizée Roobaert – ULB (Belgium)
17. Altug Ekici – Uni Research Klima (Norway)
18. Alysha Coppola – ETHZ (Swizterland)
19. Anne-Sophie Auguères – IMBE (France)
20. Chantal Freymond – ETHZ (Swizterland)
21. Hannah Gies – ETHZ (Swizterland)
22. Melissa Schwab – ETHZ (Swizterland)
23. Rachele Ossola – ETHZ (Swizterland)
24. Thomas Blattmann – ETHZ (Swizterland)
25. Victoria Naipal – LSCE (France)

List of lecturers:

- Dr. Timothy Eglington (ETHZ): Chemical signatures of the land-ocean continuum
- Dr. Jorien Vonk (VU Amsterdam): Cascading carbon in the Arctic
- Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen (University of Waterloo): Pools and cascades: Dams and ponds
- Dr. Christiane Zarfl (University of Tübingen):  Stop and Go: flushing and floating organic carbon
- Dr. Thomas Bianchi (University of Florida): Cascading carbon in the Mississippi
- Dr. Gwenaël Abril (Université de Bordeaux): Cascading carbon in the Amazon