'Regional Arctic Ocean' by Dr. Katsumasa Tanaka


Dr. Katsumasa Tanaka's short biography:

Dr. Katsumasa Tanaka is a Senior Researcher at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Tsukuba, Japan. His current research centers broadly on the analysis of uncertainties in the projections of past and future climate change and their applications to climate stabilization policy design by using ACC2, a simplified Integrated Assessment Model. He held positions at several European institutes and universities including ETH Zurich supported by a Marie Curie Fellowship. He received his education in Japan, US, and Germany and has an inter-disciplinary background in climate science and policy, biogeochemistry, and applied mathematics.

Lecture's abstract - 'Terrestrial-Ocean-aTmosphere Ecosystem Model (TOTEM): an introduction':

This session aims to introduce the TOTEM model, a process-based biogeochemical box model of the global carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus cycles. The model describes the biogeochemical and physical transport behavior of these elements on the decadal to centennial scale in the four domains of the Earth’s surface: land, atmosphere, coastal ocean, and open ocean. The session covers scientific aspects of TOTEM including its philosophy, model structure, and a few applications as well as technical aspects such as computational setup and file structure, followed by a practical training where participants have an opportunity to test the model on their own laptops.

Recommended background publication on this presentation:

Ver, L. M. B, MacKenzie, F. T., and Lerman A. : Biogeochemical response of the carbon cycle to natural and human perturbations : past, present, and future. American Journal of Science, 299, 762–801, (1999). PDF version.