Training Workshop - Diagenic models and earth system models of intermediate complexity

Dates: 3rd - 7th July 2017 
Location: University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Cornwall, UK
Local organiser: Sandra Arndt

 TW4 group photo and  practical session photo

Summary of the workshop:

The workshop "Diagenic models and earth system models of intermediate complexity" was organized by Sandra Arndt, aiming the introduction to Earth System Models (ESMs) which are dealing with the past and future climate events impacted by CO2 emission, testing the hypotheses and studying the interaction between global carbon cycle and climate change. In order to achieve the goals of this workshop series of lectures were provided followed by the practical sessions, to get the hands-on the GENIE model, getting familiar with its features and illustrating the past climate condition and simulating the possible future scenarios.  
First day of workshop was introduction to Paleoclimate models presented by Sandra Arndt followed by cGENIE model (Hargreaves et al. [2004]) presentation by Markus Adloff. We learned how to get connected to the cluster where the data was stored, save and read the data and run the model and check the outputs during the afternoon lab session. 
Tuesday started with lecture on Biological carbon pump in ESM by Jamie Wilson from University of Bristol, presenting his model development and results. Also during the morning session, Sarah Greene gave a speech on the response of the CCD to slow and fast carbon cycle perturbations and a presentation on the introduction to abrupt climate change and climate Hysteresis by Sandra Arndt. 
During  Wednesday’s  morning  lectures,  Stephen  Hesselbo  gave  a  speech  on  the  JET  project (Understanding the Early Jurassic Earth system from re-drilling of the Mochras borehole in North Wales) and Nathalie Lord talked over the longtail of C release. Last part of the lecture was on CO2 emission and ocean acidification, providing the information for the practical session later in the afternoon, by testing different scenarios which were discussed during morning lectures. 
On Thursday, we had a lecture by Ros De’ath on the role of land plants in climate evolution, including the model developments, simulations and results. After, Jamie Wilson gave a talk over Geoengineering settings in GENIE for the later lab work in the afternoon, where we tested experiments to explore some of the ocean biological controls on atmospheric pCO2 in model.
As a part of the assessment, in the last day of workshop each group provided a lab book, including their experiments and different runs from model and their explanation for the observed results. 
Overall, the workshop was well balanced between the lectures and lab works, giving the participants an opportunity to gain information in theoretical part and experience in the practical part.

written by Andre Nakhavali

List of the participants:

1. Anna Canning (ESR1 - C-CASCADES) - KM Contros
2. Jo Snöälv (ESR3 - C-CASCADES) - UNEXE
3. Anna Nydahl (ESR4 - C-CASCADES) - UU
4. Marie-Sophie Maier (ESR6 - C-CASCADES) - ETHZ
5. Andreas Androulakakis (ESR7 - C-CASCADES) - DELTARES
6. Domitille Louchard (ESR8 - C-CASCADES) - ETHZ
7. Jens Terhaar (ESR9 - C-CASCADES) - CNRS-IPSL
8. Matteo Puglini (ESR10 - C-CASCADES) - MPG
9. Adam Hastie (ESR11 - C-CASCADES) - ULB
10. Philip Pika (ESR12 - C-CASCADES) - ULB
11. Andre Nakhavali (ESR13 - C-CASCADES) - UNEXE
12. Fabrice Lacroix (ESR15 - C-CASCADES) - MPG
13. Atta Ajayebi - University of Exeter, UK
14. Eloise Littley - University of Saint-Andrews, UK
15. Guilherme Mendoça - Max Planck Institute, DE
16. Jonathan Crocker - University of Exeter, UK
17. Keziah Blake-Mizen - University of Exeter, UK
18. Patricia Silva - University of Lisbon, PT

List of lecturers:

- Dr. Sandra Arndt (ULB): Introduction to Paleoclimate Modeling and Abrupt Climate Change: Snowball Earth & AMOC collapse
- Markus Adloff (University of Bristol): Introduction to cGENIE
- Dr. Jamie wilson (University of Bristol): The biological carbon pump in ESM and Introduction to Geoengineering
- Dr. Sarah Greene (University of Birmingham): The response of the CCD to slow and fast carbon cycle perturbations 
- Dr. Stephen Hesselbo (UNEXE): The JET project - Understanding the Early Jurassic Earth system from re-drilling of the Mochras borehole in North Wales
- Dr. Natalie Lord (University of Bristol): The longtail of C release 
- Dr. Ros De'ath (University of Bristol): The importance of vegetation to the climate system